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Sonntag, 07.08.2022
17:00 Uhr

Nothing to hide

von Spencer Freudenberg

Inszenierung: Spencer Freudenberg // in English language

Monday, huh?
How many of us would have loved to indulge in some sweet corporate gossip after those lonely hours on our kitchen tables and little home office desks?
Water dispenser on the left, poorly brewed coffee to your right and just enough time to share the latest juicy details about your colleagues’ affairs, while glancing over to your work crush. Nothing to be ashamed of. Those are just brief minutes, likely to be forgotten. But what happens when those fleeting moments become everlasting? Unfiltered. Shared with the world. Over 600.000 corporate emails were collected, sorted through and exposed to the public in the course of investigation regarding the Enron Scandal of 2001, forcefully sensitizing the emerging digital community to until then unknown data monitoring. A scenic reading commenting on today’s societal relationship with data privacy and the recurring question “Do I have anything to hide?”.

MIT - Will Hightower, Laura Kersten, Letizia Rivera, Jasper Thieme

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