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Freitag, 15.03.2019
20:00 Uhr

»(Exit stage right) - A chorus of farewells «

Performed in the original English

An old adage holds that a man doesn’t know how to say goodbye and a woman doesn’t know when to say it. But what happens when we do take our leave? It can create chaos, as we now see with Brexit. Or possibly a golden opportunity, as when you finish your studies and leave school that final time. More often it is a bittersweet transition from one chapter to the next.
Departure, parting, exodus, leave-taking, to quit, retire or withdrawal; they all in some way depict one’s exit from the scene.  In its latest production, English Theatre Leipzig takes up the theme of leaving and examines it through a series of vignettes created by a half dozen of our directors. Whether a short skit, an extract from a larger piece or a freshly-written soliloquy, they all address the topic in their own way.

Eintritt: 13,- / 9,- erm.

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