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Samstag, 26.01.2019
15:30 Uhr

»Kimalia« by Tim Luscombe | UBI Theatre

Ein Theaterstück über die Themen Flucht, Asyl sowie sexuelle Orientierung und Geschlechteridentität in englischer Sprache.

 Asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity have been recognised in the UK since 1999. However, having the right to seek refugee status, and actually gaining asylum on this basis, have proved to be two very different things. This urgent, contemporary tale exposes the endemic corruption and prejudice at the heart of the Home Office’s immigration strategy, and aims to question all of our attitudes to race, gender and nationality.  

Every event that happens to an asylum seeker in the play, whether shown or reported, has recently actually happened. However, for the purposes of the play, many real people have been conflated into a few fictional ones, and many countries into mainly two: a Northern European Republic (Norland) and a post-colonial African country (Karunda).

 The actors in ’Kimalia’ , are considered merely storytellers and thus the play was written to be performed by a cast of arbitrary gender and race, i.e. the play is colour-, race-, nationality-, gender-, sexuality- and age-blind. For example, a black woman might be played by a white man, or a white man by a Asian woman. This theatrical tool serves to allow anyone to tell these powerful stories and the audience is asked to suspend their imaginations and join us on this journey.

Regie: Laura Shann
Mit Live-Musik von Hallunka Munkar
Eintritt: 11,- / 8,- (VVK: 10,50 / 7,50 zzgl. Gebühren)

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